The Austrian Academic Library Consortium (KEMÖ) was formed on July 1st 2005 by the task force of Austrian library directors. The 14 founding members all consisted of university libraries. Only 6 months later, the KEMÖ already consisted of 29 members in 2006. For the first three years the consortium was located at Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz and was led by Helmut Hartmann.

With the beginning of the a new contractual period on July 1st 2008, twenty instututions joined the consortium, the number of member institutions reached 48. The new members represented a variety of different diciplines of the sector of tertiary education and research. The allocation of taks and the institutional bodies are stipulated contractually and the Kooperationsausschuss (a standing committee representing the consortium members) is being formed. The OBVSG became the new legal entity for the Austrian Academic Library Consortium and the employer for the head office.

July 1st, 2015 marked the 10th anniversary of the Austrian Academic Library Consortium (KEMÖ) celebrated at a festive event.

The following contractual term broadened the responsibilities of the head office and the number of its staff members. Task forces addressing different issues and deleopments in the field enable the consortium to respond to changing business models and new forms of publications.

Now consisting of 66 member institutions, the sixth contractual term of the Austrian Academic Library Consortium has started on January 1st, 2022. The  head office team currently consists of 6 staff members managing 64 consortia - of these 17 Open Access agreements - from various scientific areas.